SOFiSTiK 2022 SP 2022-2 Build 558 full version for windows

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Technical Details and System Requirements

  • Supported OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 /Windows 7
  • Processor: Multi core Intel Series or above, Xeon or AMD equivalent
  • RAM: 4GB (8GB or more recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 4GB or more recommended


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Product Description

SOFiSTiK | 2022 is largely dedicated to optimized workflows through open interfaces. The possibility of fully seamless project planning from model right through to reinforcement opens up considerable potential for saving time all while improving quality thanks to lower error rates. New and enhanced model interfaces facilitate the swift implementation of highly efficient BIM workflows, letting users focus on what really matters.

Aim high with seamless planning

SOFiSTiK | 2022 offers users improved functionalities with new options for standard member verification and earthquake calculations that particularly enhance the implementation and handling of above-standard structural engineering projects. To allow for seamless and efficient BIM planning, SOFiSTiK’s powerful software toolset for building design has been complemented by additional and redesigned interfaces such as SAF and optimized methods for integrating IFC model data into projects.

For earthquake calculation, new tasks are available with special story checks according to the widely used response spectrum method. The new tasks integrate smoothly in between upstream modeling and subsequent steps for calculation and analysis. Information on the building response in the case of seismic events is generated based on the story levels that have been defined during system definition and can then be used for further design steps. Besides high-performance eigenmode analysis for big systems and targeted mode filtering, the underlying and novel FE technology enables optional stiffness reduction for structural members.

The SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Package with the BIM apps Reinforcement Detailing (RCD) and Reinforcement Generation (RCG) has been equipped with improved adaptability to and support for international planning standards. Both apps now provide optimum integration into the building construction workflow with the option to derive reinforcement plans based on the global standard by Autodesk. As a solid basis for classic 2d planning, the trusted 2D CAD software SOFiCAD rounds off the early-stage building design workflow.

Experience bridge design without borders

In the area of bridge design, SOFiSTiK strengthens its industry-renowned expertise with improved visualization options, optimized workflows

The highlights of the new version
SOFiSTiK | 2022

Harness the potential of seamless workflows. Gain time for what really matters without compromising on quality. Get started with SOFiSTiK | 2022 and open BIM from model to reinforcement.

SOFiSTiK | 2022 is largely dedicated to optimized workflows through open interfaces. The possibility of fully seamless project planning from model right through to reinforcement opens up considerable potential for saving time all while improving quality thanks to lower error rates. New and enhanced model interfaces facilitate the swift implementation of seamless and efficient BIM workflows, letting users focus on what really matters.

Would you like to get to know SOFiSTiK | 2022? All current SOFiSTiK programs and solutions are available to you for a 30-day free trial.

We would like to make sure that you have the chance to get familiar with the many benefits that SOFiSTiK | 2022 has in store for you. We have prepared the following presentations:


New Features of Version SOFiSTiK I 2022

Aim high with seamless building design planning

SOFiSTiK | 2022 awaits you with optimized workflows including new standard member checks and extended earthquake tasks with special storey checks that are especially designed to help you deliver immaculate results for even the most demanding of building design projects.

For a smooth BIM planning process, the powerful SOFiSTiK structural engineering software tools are complemented by new and improved model interfaces such as SAF as well as an optimized integration of IFC model data into projects.

New Fully Integrated Workflow for Storey Checks

  • Easy storey definition in Autodesk Revit and
  • New interactive SSD task to perform storey checks (like weak or soft storey criteria) on the fly.
  • Eurocode and American Standard Design.
  • Result tables and figures can be examined immediately in the task.

Task Shear Wall Design

  • New SSD task for Shear Wall Design  offers  the  possibility  to  perform a preliminary design for individual shear walls using the  simplified compression and tension method.
  •  Can be used to check shear walls defined in  preprocessing, e.g. in Autodesk Revit.

    Earthquake RSA – reloaded

    • New task for earthquake analysis ties together important developments regarding the Response Spectra Analysis.
    • The new task integrates seamlessly between upstream modeling and downstream design steps (like storey checks). It adopts storey level information as a central ingredient and it offers a focused workflow towards establishing design relevant structural response data.
    • Behind the user-friendly interface lies a newly developed FE core technology, which comes with additional tweaks such as mode filtering, optional shear- and bending stiffness reduction for supporting members and a very performant eigenmode analysis for large systems.

    Building Cores

    • The new command “Building Core” allows the user to easily define building cores for design and result evaluation.
    • The defined building core uses all advantages of the SOFiSTiK Design Elements.
    • Easy cross section definition by selecting the participating walls.
    • New SSD task “Capacity Check” offers the possibility to perform a capacity check for building cores.
    • Results can be shown in 2D and 3D directly within Revit.




    Reinforcement that adapts to your needs

    SOFiSTiK | 2022 offers reinforcement planning that revolves around your needs. With improved customizability and support for international design standards, the Reinforcement Package (RC Package) with the BIM Apps Reinforcement Detailing (RCD) and Reinforcement Generation (RCG) provides reliable tools for generating and deriving reinforcement plans according to your individual requirements.

    For classic 2D planning, the well-proven 2D software SOFiCAD can be integrated completely seamlessly into your workflow.



    New BIM Workflow for (Shear) Wall Reinforcement

    • User-friendly generation of required wall reinforcement with Reinforcement Generation. Includes Labeling of static dependencies.
    • Addition of constructive details and derivation of a reinforcement plan including all labels, details and lists using Reinforcement Detailing.
    • Generated and complemented reinforcement can be copied to other walls with a few clicks – all plans, views, labels, details and lists are automatically applied to the copy.
    • Check and adjustment of required reinforcement for individual walls.

    Extended International Requirements

    • Reinforcement Detailing includes manifold new features to customize Plan Labeling Styles to meet different international requirements (e.g. Suisse Style).
    • Steel Bar Distribution in accordance with the “SOFiSTiK Layout Catalogue”.
    • Generation, labeling and detailing of layout areas.
    • Support of reinforcement functionalities from Autodesk Revit, like Rebar Coupler, Rebar Presentation, Worksets, Host Change, Revit Schedules, Material Parameter, Rounding Overrides, …
    • Editable rebar shapes folded in the drawing plane with leading line.
    • Detailing according to reinforcement layer.

    Customizable Rebar Shape Detection

    • Customizable Rebar Shape Detection and expansion of the bending machine interface.
    • Enables definition of user defined Rebar Shape Catalogues to meet requirements of international markets or individual workflows and production.




    Flexible planning with open BIM

    Stay flexible in the choice of your planning partners and software used. By means of new and improved interfaces, version 2022 allows structured data transfer in neutral data formats for an open approach to your individual, digital planning processes.

    IFC Structural Analysis View

    • For cooperation on BIM models the Version 2022 not only allows the export but the import of models in the IFC Structural Analysis View format.
    • The import can be controlled via the new SSD task “IFC/SAF Connector” including user-friendly material and cross-section mapping.
    • Models from different software sources can be further processed with the full power of the SOFiSTiK tools.

    Rhinoceros Interface and Grasshopper Toolbox

    • Our Open BIM Concept includes Interfaces to extern software to make modeling and analysis even more flexible.
    • A great example are the interfaces to the versatile NURBS-based 3D-Modeler Rhinoceros from Robert McNeel & Associates as well as the integrated visual scripting editor Grasshopper, that open the door for the definition of fully parametric analysis models of any kind of geometrical shape.
    • There is a new interface for the current version Rhino 7.

    Structural Analysis Format

    • The “IFC/SAF Connector” additionally enables the import of SAF files – a exchange format initiated by Nemetschek.
    • With just a few steps required, the excel-based exchange files can be easily imported into SOFiSTiK. Important model information like materials, cross-sections, structural elements, bearing information, loads and load combinations are transferred to a SOFiSTiK model for further analysis.

    Bridge design without borders

    Let’s build bridges internationally. SOFiSTiK now provides extended support of US standards like AASHTO. In addition, improved modeling options for interactive definition and visualization further emphasize the software’s efficiency for bridge design on an international scale.

    The trusted Grasshopper interface as well as the SOFiSTiK Bridge + Infrastructure Modeler have been equipped with enhanced functionalities and are your powerful tools for flexible BIM planning within the SOFiSTiK bridge portfolio.

    Construction Stages in SOFiPLUS(-X)

    • Start and end construction stages for structural element groups can now be defined directly during the system definition in SOFiPLUS(-X).
    • The “Assign Group” dialog has been extended for the construction stage definition – this way, group elements and construction stages can be assigned user-friendly in only one step.
    • The new tool “Visualize Construction Stages” gives an overview of the defined construction stages: A clear bar chart visualizes the assembly and the removal of tendons and structural element groups. With a click at any point on the bar all elements that are inactive at this moment of construction can be hidden, enabling an easy check of the defined construction progress.
    • The construction stage definition for the groups is automatically synchronized with the SSD Construction Stage Manager.

    Workflow Bridge Bearings

    • The new point command “Bridge Bearings” in SOFiPLUS(-X) creates with only one click all required spring elements between bridge superstructure and substructure.
    • The defined spring package is added to a Result Set for further analysis.
    • The SSD Task Traffic Loader now offers the Result Sets (or rather the spring forces, displacements and rotations saved in the set) for the evaluation of the influence lines.
    • Within results, a lucid table of all forces, displacements and rotations saved in the Result Set can be generated for post-processing purposes.

    CSM Bridge Design – AASHTO Superpositioning

    • The task CSM Bridge Design AASHTO – Super positioning supports the input of combinations of transient actions acc. Table 3.4.1-1 AASHTO – 2014 in a tabular way.

    Composite Bridges

    • Revised plastic resistance in cross section values.
    • Construction Stages can be considered for nonlinear stress analysis.
    • New tutorial explains step by step the system generation and analysis of composite bridges and describes in detail which Eurocode designs steps can be done with SOFiSTiK.

    Bridge + Infrastructure Modeler

    • The new Infra Browser is a user-friendly tool to browse through your infrastructure project. You can navigate between axes, components, and check dependencies between them.
    • Infrastructure Categories, such as Bridge Deck or Pier, are now available in the Revit User Interface and supported by creation of superstructure components and other tools.
    • Chord length is now available as new measurement type in multiple commands.
    • New Feature Graphical Modeling helps you to create an axis, add placements and select the station visually in the view area.
    • Batch Modelling enhances the designing workflow by defining multiple components and creating them at once.

    In the development of version 2022, we paid special attention to faster and easier application of frequently used functions. It was our goal to provide a version that is even more efficient and lets users fully concentrate on engineering tasks and decisions. Enhanced workflows and additional earthquake tasks greatly increase the software’s performance for above-standard building design projects.

    In our core competence area of bridge design, we have become more international and interactive, while added and improved interfaces with simplified IFC exchange modalities and a brandnew SAF interface open users the door for completely flexible BIM planning.

    Overall, the new version is designed to facilitate your daily work and deliver even more reliable and precise results. The whole SOFiSTiK team and I are looking forward to seeing many users take advantage of the benefits of version 2022

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